Custom textures infuse your wood flooring with exceptional character, adding a beautifully lived-in element to your home. From a subtle rolling surface to distinct saw marks, each texture offers slight differences and variations that come together to create a flooring that is truly unique. Find out more about our custom textures below.

Wire Brushed

Wire brushing creates a gently weathered and distressed texture on your hardwood flooring. Using a hard-bristled wire brush, we scrape each wood plank to expose the soft grains of the tree’s growth rings. Best suited to woods with prominent grains, this process mimics the natural wear and texturing of wood flooring over time to create a subtle rustic appearance. This texture is also ideal for high-traffic areas of your home, as it holds up well against scratches and dents. The wire brush texture works best with a natural matte finish.


Using a hand scraper, draw knife, and chisel, we scrape each wood plank by hand to give it distinct grooves and streaks. As the traditional method for sanding hardwood flooring, the hand-hewn texture is perfect for historic homes and rustic interiors. Because we scrape the wood by hand, each individual plank offers unique characteristics that come together beautifully to create an antique, centuries-old look. The distressed appearance of hand-hewn flooring makes it an excellent, low-maintenance option for homes or businesses where wear and tear is inevitable.

Saw Struck

Our exclusive saw struck texture adds dimension and rustic character to your flooring. From heavily distressed to light and wispy saw marks, the saw struck texture looks beautiful with both reclaimed and traditional milled flooring alike. Using a saw, we hit the face of the wood just enough to remove some of the patina and add distinct saw marks that give your flooring a vintage look. We can add the saw stuck texture to just a few boards for a light rustic appearance, or we can carry the saw struck texture throughout for a more dramatic look.

Contour Sanded

One of the most subtle textures, contour sanding skillfully imitates the naturally worn rolling surface of antique flooring. By gently highlighting the natural contours of the wood’s surface, we preserve the slight variations found naturally from board to board but bring them together harmoniously to create an authentic look and feel. From a distance, contour sanded flooring offers a smooth texture, highlighted by subtle texture when hit by the light.

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