That unique quality you only get from reclaimed wood is called patina. Created after many years of exposure to temperature changes, weather conditions, and the sun, the wood begins to oxidize, producing a gorgeous luster that tells the story of its former life. Discover the level of patina that’s right for your home below.

Face Planed

Face planing smooths out the top level of each plank, resulting in more uniform boards with no patina — while still retaining the unmistakable qualities of reclaimed wood. Face planed reclaimed wood flooring has a smoother texture and appearance, but maintains the color variations and character marks that make reclaimed wood unique.

Saw Struck

Using our saw striking method, we lightly smooth parts of the plank’s surface to create added handcrafted textures that accent the natural patina of the wood. This look provides the perfect balance between full patina and face planed, as some boards are smooth while others retain their natural patina.

Full Patina

Full patina leaves the wood untouched, retaining its unique markings and distressing for a rustic look that tells of its previous life. We lightly sand the boards to remove any splinters or excess wood, but we leave the overall patina exactly as recovered from an old barn or industrial mill.

Patina is created by many years of natural weathering and aging.

As the wood is exposed to the sun, temperature changes, weather conditions, and even dust, it begins to oxidize and over time produces a gorgeous luster. Depending on the location and environmental conditions, each piece of wood ages in its own unique way, creating a patina that tells the story of its former life. Species also age differently, with some developing rich brown hues and others softening and developing a bronze-like luster over time.

At Southern Vintage, you can choose the level of patina that is right for your reclaimed hardwood flooring. From full patina to surfaced planed with no patina, we’ll create the perfect style to accent your home. Read more about our patina options below.

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