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Hardwood Flooring in Louisville, KY

When you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Louisville, trust our expert craftsmen at Southern Vintage Design Center to customize the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. At Southern Vintage, you have unparalleled control over every step of the design process. From custom textures to hand-painted finishes that bring out the natural character of the wood, you can craft a hardwood flooring style that’s all your own. Our hardwood flooring in Louisville is sourced locally, from Appalachia and the Smoky Mountains to Memphis and beyond, allowing you to bring distinct regional character and charm into your home.

The hardwood flooring you choose is the foundation of your home.

The hardwood flooring you choose is the foundation of your home — it’s the first step in creating your unique design and story. Our expert woodworkers at Southern Vintage in Louisville will guide you through the hardwood flooring customization process to discover an exclusive combination of species, grading, textures, grain, and finishes for your home. Whether you envision reclaimed hardwood flooring or traditional hardwood flooring, Our expert woodworkers at Southern Vintage are here to help you determine the style that works best for your needs.

Our exclusive hardwood flooring collections are created with the highest-quality lumber available, so you can feel confident you are investing in pieces that will last the lifetime of your home. Craft a timeless style for your home in Louisville with our exclusive collections of high-quality hardwood flooring from Southern Vintage.

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