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When shopping for authentic reclaimed wood flooring, it is essential to make sure you are investing in quality pieces that will last the lifetime of your home.

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With genuine reclaimed wood flooring, you are receiving a unique piece of history unequaled in beauty and durability.

Each nail hole, grain pattern, and texture tells the story of its former life. That’s why it’s worth investing the time to ensure you are purchasing quality reclaimed wood that will last for decades to come.

At Southern Vintage, our reclaimed wood is always:

Authentic 100% old growth reclaimed wood

Precision-milled using the most advanced equipment

Kiln-dried to 6-8% moisture content before shipping

Available in wide widths and long lengths

End-matched with tongue & groove relief cuts

Available solid or engineered for the same price

Available filled and/or pre-finished

Available with matching stair parts and vents

Hand-tallied and bunked by size

Hand-inspected before being packaged for delivery

Unsurpassed Beauty, Quality, and Durability

We custom mill all our flooring

from antique reclaimed to traditional milled. If you have a specific width or length in mind, we can custom make it for you. Whether you want luxury wide plank hardwood flooring or bespoke reclaimed heartwood, we’ll mill it to your exact specifications.

Only the top 10% of lumber

is used in our wide plank flooring. We craft our wood flooring from only the very best of all the lumber we saw. Our expert graders make the final call on whether a board will become wide plank flooring or grade lumber, ensuring quality and durability that last.

Long plank lengths

are standard at Southern Vintage. Other manufacturers offer shorter plank lengths because they make their flooring by cutting around defects in the logs. We start with the highest quality logs, so we can offer the longest plank lengths in all our flooring and live edge furniture.

We’re made in the USA

with wood from well-managed forests. Like eating local, using American-grown wood from local forests provides incentives for landowners to keep their land for generations to come — and keep providing one-of-a-kind lumber for our beautiful flooring.

Our online custom forms allow you to experience the customization process from home.

For those who can’t make it to our design center in Louisville, KY, our online forms walk you through the customization process to ensure you are able to create the flooring you’ve always envisioned. Take your time exploring the different species, grading, grain, textures, and finishes to craft an exclusive style all your own — and when you’re ready to begin your commercial or residential project, our design experts are available by phone to assist you throughout the process.

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