Edge Styles

Different edge styles make an impact on the finished look of your flooring once it’s installed. While some edge styles add character, others give off a sleeker more contemporary look. From aesthetic differences to ease of installation, the edge style you choose for your hardwood flooring comes down to a few key factors.

Beveled Edges

Beveled edges are one of the most popular styles in hardwood flooring. With a distinctive v shape, beveled edges provide more distinction between boards and add a rustic element to your flooring. Beveled edges also highlight the uniqueness of each board, accentuating the rustic elements to make them pop. Because of the v shape, beveled edges can also be more forgiving during installation, reducing the appearance of an uneven subfloor.

Eased Edges

The slight v shape of eased edges adds additional character to your floor and creates a slight separation between boards. Though eased edges still highlight the unique character of each board, they offer a more subtle, understated appearance and can seamlessly transition between different styles and spaces. Because of their versatility, eased edges are one of the most timeless options for any home. Similar to beveled edges, the slight v shape makes them more forgiving during installation, also reducing the appearance of an uneven subfloor.

Square Edges

The sleekest option of the three, square edges lay completely flat and have a seamless appearance. Square edge flooring fits perfectly together with no gaps, giving the impression of high-end flooring that was finished on-site. The seamless styles look excellent on light, wide plank flooring in an open, airy space. Because square edge flooring requires such precision, it can also be the most difficult to install. The lack of bevel makes any inconsistencies in the subflooring stand out, as any corners that aren’t perfectly flush result in a raised edge, which is prone to chipping.

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